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I received all the Sylvaian Families ordered today. I would like to take this oppotunity to thank you for the excellent service I have received since ordering these items.
Thanks again
.... Simon D - UK

Just to let you know, I receive the items today (Mon 04-08).  I think it was even faster than last time.  It has been a pleasure, to do shopping from your site.  I hope you will get a lot of Danish customer in the future,  or for
that matter just a lot of customers.  I will be the first, to mention your site. I will definitely be back soon to do shopping from your  wonderful site.  Once again Thanks
.... Christina - Denmark

Thanks so much for taking care of it, I appreciate all of your assistance and attention to detail. 
....John C - USA

Package arrive today, together with the catalog.  Hope to deal with u again. 
...Sylvie N - Australia 

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Sylvanian Families New Arrival

New Arrival!

Bakery Shop
with Watermill

Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop with Watermill
Grand Hotel
Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel
Baby Ferris Wheel
Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel

Pettyfur Guinea Pig
Sylvanian Families Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby

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Samsung Home Use Blood Pressure Monitor
Home-Use Blood Pressure
Model No. : SBM-200TA
Retail Price : MYR388.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR311.99

Samsung Ear Thermometer
 Infrared Ear Thermometer
Model No. : SET-100

Retail Price : MYR198.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR158.99 

Braun-Shaver chrome FlexXP11
Flex XP11 Shaver - Chrome
Model No. : 5775

Retail Price : MYR448.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR426.99 

Braun-Cordless Steam & Straightener
Cordless Steam and Straightener
Model No. : BSS

Retail Price : MYR298.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR284.99 

Braun-Cordless Steam & Go Curler
Cordless Steam & Go Curler
Model No. : C85S

Retail Price : MYR228.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR217.99

Braun-Silk-Epil Eversoft Body System
 Silk-Epil Eversoft Body System
 Model No. : 2370

Retail Price : MYR238.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR227.99 

Functional Foods- Polypeptide
In practice, " PEPTIDE " usually refers to a relatively short chain of amino acids while POLYPEPTIDE refers to longer structures, The words decribe 2, 3, or 4 amino acids respectively. For example insulin,  which is normally injected by diabetics, is called a 51-peptide. Peptide or Polypeptide are structures of amino acids that are formulated and targeted to specific bodily organs to achieve a specific task. These products will promote a more healthy and efficient body,  so have a look and give it a try as you will be amazed by the results. Click here for more information......

Good Sleep
( Unisex )

Balance Pep

Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Prevent Silent Killer Of
High Blood Cholesterol
( Unisex )

Guard Pep

Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Delay Ageing Process &
 Preserve Youthfulness
( Women )


Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Regulates Hormone
( Women )


Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Maintain and Regulates
Sexual Function
( Men )


Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Give Strength & Vitality  
& Youth Appearance
( Men )


Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Prevent Diabetes
( Unisex )

Sugless Pep

Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

Promote Brain Growth &
Improve Memory & Learning
Ability ( Unisex )

Plus Pep

Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99

For optimum effectiveness
we recommend that the
above products be consumed
 with Albumin Pep

Albumin Pep

Retail Price : MYR194.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR149.99


Labelle Treatment System
Treatment System

Retail Price : MYR519.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR478.99

Labelle Acne Series
Acne Series

Retail Price : MYR1024.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR932.99

Labelle Bio Active System
Bio Active System

Retail Price : MYR1367.99
PrivilEdge Price : MYR1244.99