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First Time Visit to our Pewter Store?

Well…. If this is your first time to our store…….Welcome

This section is for all our newcomers who requires some basic info about our site.

Our site is in fact a Mega Mall with smaller specialized stores within the mall concept. Like any mall you are required to pay for your goods at the store you shop.

Our pewter store has over 500 different designs to choose from. As an added bonus you will be able to have your pewterware delivered to any destination in the world for FREE if your order exceeds USD50-00.
If your order is USD50-00 and below there is flat rate of USD8-00. 

One more other thing, we are in the process of implementing our All99 Royal Court Program. We will be giving away bonus
$$$$ to members who purchase at this pewter store. More about this later…

Meanwhile, if you do make purchases at this store, let us know by forwarding us a copy of the order confirmation at pewter@all99.com and once the program is complete we will email you to let you know what you need to do to enjoy the bonus giveaway.

So to begin your shopping just click on “Online Shop” on the left and this will take you to our online shop.

Enjoy…….remember if you do purchase anything do let us know.