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I received all the Sylvaian Families ordered today. I would like to take this oppotunity to thank you for the excellent service I have received since ordering these items.
Thanks again
.... Simon D - UK

Just to let you know, I receive the items today (Mon 04-08).  I think it was even faster than last time.  It has been a pleasure, to do shopping from your site.  I hope you will get a lot of Danish customer in the future,  or for
that matter just a lot of customers.  I will be the first, to mention your site. I will definitely be back soon to do shopping from your  wonderful site.  Once again Thanks
.... Christina - Denmark

Thanks so much for taking care of it, I appreciate all of your assistance and attention to detail. 
....John C - USA

Package arrive today, together with the catalog.  Hope to deal with u again. 
...Sylvie N - Australia 

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Sylvanian Families New Arrival

New Arrival!

Bakery Shop
with Watermill

Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop with Watermill
Grand Hotel
Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel
Baby Ferris Wheel
Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel

Pettyfur Guinea Pig
Sylvanian Families Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby

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Thermomix Malaysia - Thermomix is now sold in Malaysia

Thermomix Malaysia kitchen appliance
Thermomix is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today . It has more than 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit. Thermomix will amaze you with its ability to chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh food.

No wonder it has earned the title – the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen!

Featuring a gearless motor with an unlimited life expectancy, Solingen steel blades and a stainless steel bowl, Thermomix brings a new dimension to food preparation and cooking.

Faster and more efficient than any similar appliance, it saves time, money and importantly valuable space in the kitchen.

Features of Thermomix

What can Thermomix do ?

Thermomix Malaysia


One Thermomix with One Bowl and One Blade can do all this:

Thermomix weighs - with built-in electronic scales
Thermomix grates - nuts, cheese, chocolate, parmesan
Thermomix mills - rice, grains and pulses to flour
Thermomix purées - vegetables, fruits, baby food
Thermomix grinds - coffee beans, sugar to icing sugar, wet or dry spices
Thermomix blends - soups, smoothies, milkshakes and sauces
Thermomix cooks, boils & simmers - soups, sauces, preserves, pulses, complete meals
Thermomix steams - vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, rice, pasta
Thermomix crushes - ice, cocktails, ice creams, sorbet
Thermomix whisks - egg whites, cappuccino-style foam on soups and milk, zabaglione
Thermomix emulsifies - salad dressings, mayonnaise, batters, cream
Thermomix kneads - bread dough, pizza dough, pasta dough, pastry, scones
Thermomix chops & minces - nuts, herbs, vegetables, salads, meats
Thermomix heats baby food to 37oC
Thermomix holds chocolate at 37oC

......and after all this add some water and washing up liquid and Thermomix cleans itself!

Technical Specification of Thermomix

Manufactured by Vorwerk, Thermomix is the product of more than 40 years of German design and innovation, with 21 patents over its unique design and technology.


Maintenance free Vorwerk reluctance motor with direct drive, 500W rated power, speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,200 rpm, with a gentle stirring setting at 40 rpm. Turbo button for instant top speed - can be held for continuous top speed or pulsed. Special speed setting (alternating mode) for kneading dough. Brushless motor does not require a fan.
Special Safety Features

Protected against overload through electronic motor protection with automatic cut out. Blades cannot operate unless lid is locked into position. Lid cannot be opened unless blades have stopped turning. Retractable power cable, 1 m long. Thermomix spatula has a guard that means it cannot come into contact with the blades. Audible warning when a timed function is completed. If a timed function has included heating, the speed drops to slow stirring speed until turned off (e.g. so a sauce is not ruined). "Soft start" for blending hot contents 60°C or more - speed increases gradually to reduce splashing of hot liquids.

Power maximum consumption 1,000W. Protected against overheating. Precision temperature control from 37°C to Varoma temperature 120°C. The Varoma setting maintains a constant boiling temperature. Timer must be set for heating function to operate. Display shows selected temperature (flashing display), reached temperature (continuous display) and residual temperature (continual display).

Bowl is made of stainless steel. Heating element is completely enclosed in base of bowl. All parts that are likely to come into contact with foodstuff are made from materials that comply with or exceed European standards.

Blade Unit

Blades are at 4 different heights for efficient powerful operation. Easy release blade unit.
Built-in with electronic display. Measuring range from 5 to 100 g in 5 g increments; 100 to 2000 g in 10 g increments (to a total maximum 6 kg).  Scales can be used before and during cooking.
Count-up and count-down timer with electronic display.

All parts are dishwasher safe except blade unit and motor housing unit. From April 2007 the blade unit is also dishwasher safe.

Connected Load Only for 230V alternating voltage
Maximum 1500 W
Maximum length of connection cable 1m, retractable
Accessories (included)
  • Internal steaming basket/juice strainer/colander
  • Spatula
  • Butterfly whisk
  • Varoma unit with Varoma steamer, Varoma tray and lid
Blade direction
Blade direction - forward or reverse direction mode can be chosen instantly at the touch of a button. Excellent for delicate ingredients (e.g. risotto) and for self-cleaning. Reverse mode occurs once per six kneading phases as a set part of the kneading function.
Dimensions and weight of Thermomix without Varoma steaming basket Height 30cm (11.8 inches)
Width 28.5cm (11.25 inches)
Depth 28.5cm (11.25 inches)
Weight 6.3kg (13.9 lbs)
Bowl capacity 2.5 litres (2 litres maximum for blending)
Dimensions weight and volume of Varoma Length 38.5cm (15.2 inches)
Width 27.5 cm (10.8 inches)
Depth 10 cm (4 inches)
Weight 1135 g (2.5 lbs )
Volume 3 litres

Do you want to learn more of this amazing product?

You have to see this product in action to believe it.. ice cream in minutes .. We provide FREE Thermomix Demonstration.

To contact us .. either call us on 03-5631 5877 or email us at  Please leave your name and telephone and we will contact you.